An overview

RH Alasbahi | The present paper deals with a literature review of the different aspects of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction (SFE). It summarized the general properties of SFE as an advanced and excellent alternative to conventional extractions methods, as well as the advantage and disadvantage of using supercritical CO2 as an environmentally safe and effective solvent. The study also covered the different applications of SFE in food and pharmaceutical processing, and to extract valuable compounds with bioactivities such as antioxidant, antitumor and antibacterial from plant species as well as to produce valuable compounds form industry by-products and new functional ingredients that can be used by the food industry. The study also highlighted the use of SFE in food safety and environmental protection such as the detection/quantification as well as the removal of food and environmental pollutants.

Ned Tijds Fytoth 2018 (31) nr. 3: 10-12