The therapeutic potential of phytomedicines

MAY 16 – 19.00-20.30

NVF-webinar series: phytotherapy excellence – The Dutch association of phytotherapy (NVF) announces its first webinar in a series in Phytotherapy excellence.

ginkgo bij alzheimer

In this free introduction webinar three national and international speakers will update you on the therapeutic potential of phytomedicines. The practice of phytotherapy starts with good quality phytotherapeutics. Furthermore, emerging science shows us the therapeutic potential and benefit of plant-based medicine.

Phytopharmaceuticals can be successfully applied to several common, chronic ailments, such as airway infections, sleep problems, stress, gastrointestinal upset, cardiovascular problems and psychological issues. This introductory webinar will provide you with an overview on the quality of phytomedicines and the application of herbal medicines in a Swiss practice. In future webinars in this series, national and international speakers will delve deeper into the application of phytomedicines in common, chronic ailments.

NVF-webinar series: phytotherapy excellence

Date & time

May 16 2023, 19:00-20:30h (CET)


19:00-19:15h Presentation of the NVF and future plans for the NVF-webinar series. Speaker: Drs. Gerben Hoogsteen, chairman of NVF.

19:15-19:45h Lecture ‘Quality of phyto-therapeutics’. Speaker: dr. Mei Wang, researcher and lecturer Leiden University, The Netherlands.

19:45-20:15h Lecture ‘Potential of plant-based medicine; Examples from a Swiss Practitioner’. Speaker: Andreas Schapowal MD, PhD, DSc (hon), specialist in oto-rhino-laryngology, allergies and clinical immunology, psychosomatic and psychosocial medicine.

20:15-20:30h Q&A with all speakers.







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    NVF-webinar series: phytotherapy excellence